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Well, after an age of being inactive, I’ve decided to make a fresh start. I’ll be changing the URL of this blog so I can use it for my new one. It’s been an honour blogging with you all, adieu!

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If you make a girl feel bad about her body u a bitch

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Ryuugazaki Rei, the earlier years.


Ryuugazaki Rei, the earlier years.

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erica reyes + favorite quotes

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check ur privilege


as if this is a surprise since youre a cis white male

Orientation: Oh, it’s not even fucking on here. Great. Okay, fine. *makes aproximate selection*.

Welp i got 25. Who knew

-5… Wow

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Linden Ashby in A Killer Upstairs

*dies* I love this man seriously.

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Just a peek into the busy life of a (not quite so) enigmatic nobody. I play drums, sing and aspire to be an actor/publisher/editor.
I am a major Gleek, Whovian, Saltgunner and Potterhead.
My given name is Claire, and my taken name is Loki Colt. I'd tell you my true name, but I'd have to kill you.
This is my blog, and if I feel so inclined to put something on it, I'll do it. After all, better to be hated than loved for what you're not.
I love people talking to me, and if you share the same interests as me, don't be surprised if I say I love you forever, it's just the way I roll.

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